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Library Cards

Alongside loyalty cards and gift cards, Lucas Color Card is one of the biggest and best custom-printed library card manufacturers in the industry. We know how important it is to have library cards that reflect your image, and we can help you create the perfect card for your needs and those of your patrons.

One of the biggest factors when designing library cards and other patron cards is durability. Library cards aren’t something consumers often pay close attention to outside of the context of checking out books. Therefore it is vital that the product have a long lifespan, so it will be readable and intact for as long as the customer needs it.

Lucas Color Card uses Teslin plastic for all of its library cards. This ensures that the card is durable and won’t crack, flake or fade. All of our cards are either 20mm or 30mm thick, and they are all printed using high-quality SureTac printing inks. All of these measures are taken so that your cards are ready to be used far into the future, and can withstand even the toughest of owners. Indeed, using library cards made with Teslin can actually reduce the overall costs of your cardholder program, because it reduces the number of card replacement requests.

When you order library cards from Lucas Color Card, you’ll get several other benefits as well. These include:

  • Unbeatable prices on all our library cards
  • Fast quotations, so you can budget easily
  • 1 hour of design time for your library cards to be finalized
  • Real-time order tracking after you complete your order
  • On-time delivery of your order
  • Superior card quality for all your products
  • Data security for all customer information on the library cards
  • 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

When you order your library cards through Lucas Color Card, all of these services and more will be available to you. It’s no wonder that libraries all across the United States have trusted Lucas Color Card with the manufacture and printing of their library cards.
If you have questions about how Lucas Color Card can help your card services program, please contact us today.