Direct mail is sent out for two primary reasons: 1) To remind a customer why they buy from us and encourage them to return; or 2) To solicit a customer’s interest in giving us a try. These two efforts receive an incredible boost in being opened and not tossed in the trash IF THEY HAVE A CARD enclosed.

Lucas Color Card clients use our LOVIN’ LOYALTY direct mail program to maintain their valued customer card membership by mailing replacement cards, rewards offers for loyalty, and co-promotion program details (like a grocery chain and a local university).

Other Lucas clients use our PRE-ENROLLMENT direct mail card packages to cost-effectively pre-enroll a desired customer/household and encourage the enrollment to be activated by purchase or visit. These offers can include one-time-only coupons, special services, or gifts.

A growing direct mail product is our SALES BOOSTER card package. This mailed piece includes an explanatory letter and a low-cost card that has an expiration date. Lucas clients are encouraged to find their slower sales periods throughout the year and plan for a mailing campaign to existing customers with these time-sensitive cards. For example, a $20 off a purchase of $50 or more card will attract a lot of traffic at a traditionally slow time and the customers will buy even more. We just used a card as a key to getting them in NOW.

Didn’t know a card printer could be strategic? Ha! Give Lucas a try.

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