5 SECONDS is all it takes to make the impression.  Your brand is represented by your card: Conservative or wild, colorful or bland, exciting or functional, etc.  SPECIAL SHAPES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

The most popular cards are those that don’t look like everyone else.  In 2005, Target Stores accelerated its custom card shape program for its gift cards and the trend has grown immensely.  Why?

Custom shapes work to attract the buyer’s eyes in the gift card market.  In the loyalty marketing world, custom shapes instantly make a statement that the card issuer has a personality and wants to share the excitement.  Place two cards in front of a consumer and the custom shaped card will almost always be the preferred choice.  Why?  Consumers are tired of rectangles!  They have 10 in their wallet already.

Inside any custom shape, Lucas Color Card can ALWAYS place a traditional credit card sized card – a card within a card that pops out when the user is ready to activate it.  Lucas can help create a shape that is unique and yet still holds all needed technologies such as bar codes and magnetic stripes.

The cost of tooling to create the custom shape is CHEAP.  Just ask Lucas.  All items are made from our durable polyester laminate and one-of-a-kind Teslin synthetic printing sheet.  Let’s get creative with your ideas.

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