Plastic Loyalty Cards Printing


It starts with a card – but not just any card. Lucas Color Card is your solution to providing simple and effective customer loyalty cards as part of a loyalty program. Our cards are convenient, sturdy, and easy for both customers and your own employees to set up and use.

What makes these loyalty cards so effective? All good loyalty programs work by building on customer expectations, whether real or perceived. When using loyalty cards, customers expect one (or both!) of two things: saving money, and receiving extra benefits. The type of program you implement is up to you – percentage discounts, extra coupons, special gifts and other incentives are all possible with our loyalty cards.

All of our loyalty cards are made from durable polyester laminate and our own one-of-a-kind Teslin synthetic printing sheet. Your data is protected underneath the laminate, so you can be sure that your customers’ loyalty cards will work properly every time.

We feature many different styles and combinations of loyalty cards, such as single cards, double cards, cards plus keytags, and multiple-keytag combinations. Our most popular card product is the card-plus-two-keytag package. This package provides one full-sized card along with two miniature keytag cards for additional customer convenience – as well as the assurance that they will never forget their card at home.

Lucas Color Card has manufactured over 300 million of these card combinations, and their effectiveness in building loyalty has been proven by many top retailers. Our customer loyalty cards also come with a durability warranty. Each product configuration is manufactured for easy in-store issuance as well as standard direct mail distribution.

If you want to know how Lucas Color Card can improve your loyalty cards program, call us today at 1-888-84-LUCAS