Lucas Color Card’s most successful card issuing clients have added this series of loyalty products: Direct mail… enrollment, re-enrollment, card replacement, and enticement packages.  You should know that the most likely piece of mail to be opened is a package containing a card.

There are many reasons to add direct mailing of our card and form combinations to your loyalty card program.  Some of these are customer-driven:  “I lost my card”, “My spouse/teenager wants a card too”, “We’ve moved”, etc.   Some of these are marketing-driven:  Giving a loyal customer a shiny new card/keytag to carry, verifying address information, stealing a competitor’s customer by offering enticements and enrollment at one time, etc.

These card and form combinations use Lucas expertise in data matching technology as well as our direct mail experience to optimize the weight and size of the package to lower your postage costs.  Most of our mailers do not require costly envelopes.

Many of these programs are set up to deliver Lucas each week’s direct mail data directly from the client’s web site or customer service center.  It can be a hands-free process for you, our client.

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