A gift card affixed (glued) to a carrier can accomplish THREE THINGS that a single-piece plastic card unit cannot achieve:

1) The card carrier can be visually dominating because it is large. Paper is much cheaper than plastic to print and cut. So, a plastic card glued to a big paper carrier can be a cost-effective product.

2) The card carrier can serve a purpose such as folding into a gift-giving envelope and being ink writable for TO: and FROM: personalization of the gift (paper accepts ink, plastic doesn’t).

3) The card carrier can be cut into crazy eye-popping shapes and the card is not affected. Imagine a credit card shaped gift card affixed to a big football shaped carrier. Carriers help the sale!

HANG IT! A gift card carrier can have a J-hook hole so you have the option of hanging the product.

COMMON MYTH BY RETAIL: “Our gift card products must be the same overall package design.”

MYTH ANTIDOTE: Actually, the merchant who has hanging single piece cards as well as cards on carriers that turn into envelopes satisfies more buyers and is more likely to make a sale.

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