Gift cards are creative items.  The connection that gift cards make with their buyer is actually a triangular relationship between the BUYER, their intended RECIPIENT, and the CARD DESIGN.  This means that no card design is perfect for everyone.  Card design is only 1/3rd of the formula for making a sale!  What does this mean to you?

Lucas Color Card has created gift card packages for top retailers and we have learned a lot about their customers by which card designs are the biggest sellers. Our most successful card programs involve MANY DESIGNS (from 4 to 10).  Multiple designs increase program sales significantly due to the matching triangle described above between card, buyer and recipient. Notice how Target Stores has perfected the multiple design discipline!  They are among the best in the business in the use of creative card designs.

Lucas can provide you with a cost-effective, multiple card design gift card fulfillment program.  All items are made from our durable polyester laminate and one-of-a-kind Teslin synthetic printing sheet.  Your data is protected underneath the laminate so fraud risk is lowest.

Unique to our gift card material choices is our ability to cut ANY SHAPE of gift card you can imagine.  Just ask us!

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