Whether you call them Key tag, key fob, “keytag”, etc. Lucas Color Card has manufactured over 300,000,000 card and keytag packages in its history. Lucas is known for the most durable Teslin keytags in the card industry. Each of those combination packages had a standard “credit card size” card and a keytag choice. How can the right specification be determined for number of keytags? Here are four quick guidelines:

  • FAMILY PARTICIPATION: Can the family members all participate in the card program? Can the teenager purchase a gallon of milk for the household? If so, extra keytags are split up amongst the other family members. Our data shows: Mom keeps the card and one keytag, so if we want others to have proper identification, we have to put more than one keytag on the package. Our most popular product has one card and two keytags. For only a couple cents more, we can add a third keytag or even a fourth. Just ask!
  • LENGTH OF CARD PROGRAM: If your card program has no planned end, then your card users will carry a Lucas card and keytag for years. People lose their cards and keytags all the time. Instead of the expense of replacing a card package, issue the user an extra keytag “SPARE” in their original package and they will SAVE it (like an extra key).
  • SIZE OF KEYTAG: The larger the keytag dimensions, the less keytags will fit on a card package. A standard keytag size is 1” x 2”. Some of our clients need a larger keytag for a larger barcode requirement. Other clients want a larger keytag so that it feels better held in the user’s hand. We recommend that keytags are not less than 7/8” wide and not less than 1 ¾” long for durability benefits.
  • POP-OUT FEATURES: Keytag spots on our flexible card package designs do not have to be used for just keytags! A three-keytag card package can have two active keytags and the third pop-out element is a PROMOTIONAL OFFER. They will bring it with them on the first visit, etc. It’s a GREAT use of the third space. Lucas can create as many pop-out offers as you can imagine. Date-stamp the offers so more than one visit is achieved!

Keytags (key fobs) have changed customer behavior and loyalty more than any other retail printed item. The fact that the keytag goes where we drive…. And we drive almost everywhere. Have your brand everywhere!

- Mike Whitaker

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